Mustaches For Kids

NOT this kind of mustache for a kid. 

I'm talking about men growing mustaches for charity here.  Not milk mustaches, not frosting mustaches, real, honest-to-goodness "lip wigs", gentleman.

"What's a mustache got to do with charity?  And for God's sakes, what's a child got to do with it?" --you may be thinking.  Well, there are kids in the world that need $$ to accomplish dreams and realities that are not happening for them.  One way we can help is to grow a sweet stache, and when people ask us how and why we have chosen to grow such a stellar "rug", we can tell them "it's for the kids--want to contribute?"  Then you extend your hand with an open palm for them to place cash into, or something along those lines.

Seriously, this is no joke and all you have to do is hide the pride for a few weeks and try to make a difference with your facial hair.  Here in Minneapolis, the money will go to UrbanBoatBuilders -- a program for "at risk" kids to teach them skills, hard work and the rewards of an accomplishment.  Simply, they will work together to build wooden canoes and the like and upon completion will take to a nearby waterway for an urban adventure.  UBB is doing what a lot of parents cannot or will not do for their struggling family.  I'm willing to get behind that--are you?

Look at the success Pro cyclist Steve Cozza's had with his Stache! Yeah buddy! Photo by: Ken Conley

Details:  Here in Minneapolis, the kickoff is Nov. 18th.  We'll meet at the Bryant Lake Bowl with clean shaven faces.  A few more meetings through the weeks until the Stash Bash on Dec. 23rd to wrap it up and see how much $$$ we collected.  Get ready to grow like a pro --dudes!

Check back here after the 18th for frequent photo updates to my personal mustache. 

Drop me an email if you are interested in participating:   

(Rules and what-not are available here:  Mustaches For Kids)


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