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To most of you who know me, this is old news.  But, I never officially mentioned it on my blog, so I thought I might as well do that now. 

In addition to being a professional photographer, I am also a "contributing writer" for  GJ is essentially an online magazine that covers the adventurous side of outdoor recreation.  We review gear, take trips to remote locales, participate in races and generally document happenings in the outdoor industry. 

Founder and editor, Stephen Regenold is a longtime adventure partner of mine.  I remember the first time we went climbing together and he sent me up the scariest, most run-out offwidth climb I've ever completed.  Having done it before, I think he was content to allow me the struggle.  Thanks, Stephen.

I officially came on board last winter when I covered the Wenger Patagonian Expedtion Race in South America (Chile).  It was an amazing experience, so when they asked me to join the crew, I figured I could always use more adventure in my life.  Since then I've been up mountains, in rivers, across snowfields and glaciers, pedaled in the desert, completed all-day races and more.  

The people behind the site are a bunch of solid guys.  I am proud to be on board and happy to have gotten to meet so many great people in the industry and shared adventure with a lot of them.

If you're bored with your current state, consider inserting some adventure into your life and keep and eye on the GJ page for plenty of ideas and equipment to assist your journey.