Cyclocross - 2010 Little Guy Racing VeloCX

This last weekend was awesome for several reasons.  A chilly morning gave way to a beautiful fall day here in MN.  Temps clawed their way up to the mid 60's and Minnesotans spilled outside to saok in what will likely be the last nice weekend of the year.

It was also time for the Annual LGR VeloCX cyclocross race -arguably one of the best in the state.  This year the race also hosted the Midwest CX SingleSpeed Championship.  I'm still waiting for my broken rib to heal, so I did media work instead of racing this year. 

My two young sons raced though and I can tell you that I've never been more proud of them.  I'll admit that I had a knot in my throat several times during their race.  My youngest son turned 7 that same day and I kept telling him if he needed to stop and rest that he could.  It was a 1/2 hr race and that's a long time for a little guy.  He shrugged it off and kept mashing his pedals through the course. At times they both looked like they'd either cry or die soon.  That they kept racing despite it makes me SO proud of my boys.

Cyclocross is about suffering and kids don't like suffering. All the effort paid off when they got to climb onto the podium to accept their awards and then go to the swag table to pick up their new bike stuff.  It's a miniature version of what we adult racers do--which is WAY cuter.  

This weekend is the rest of the State Championship CX races.  I'm hoping to be there again watching what has to be the best spectator race in all of cycling.  Here's to Cyclocross!