Crazy Fall

Summer is really hard for me to let go of.  I love t-shirts (or no t-shirt) and shorts weather so much.  I love the beach, I love the smell of sunblock.  And most of all, I love hot summer nights with the windows open.  But alas, Fall is here and I gotta say that we are having an amazing fall here in Minneapolis.  So, while I generally take on a sour mood this time of year, knowing that winter is coming, I now remain upbeat.  Besides, we started firing up the backyard firepit at night --something we could not do all summer.

Work has been ridiculously busy, but in a good way.  A way that though I've missed sleep and worked some weekends, I have to admit that I am blessed to be in this position.  Big thanks to all you clients who are kicking me work.  I love it.  Keep it coming.

Last month I attended Interbike in Las Vegas and got to see the latest greatest bicycling items for 2011.  I also got to ride with "Legends" of the Mtn biking world, courtesy of Mtn Bike Magazine.  Thanks again, guys!  I'd never ridden the rocky Nevada singletrack, so that was a real treat.  And following my old hero's around it was doubly awesome!  Click here to watch a few short clips I capture with the helmet-cam.

Legends Ride

I also posted a short article on

GJ Article

Two weekends ago my pal Robbie from Michigan came over to race the Holtzinger Hotlap with me.  It was a 9 mile offroad timetrial that included over 1,000 feet of climbing.  It was a tail kicker, but had incredibly fun terrain. Big thanks to the 29nSNGL crew for hosting this summers funnest race.  It was Robbie's 1st race and he did great.  I flatted about 7 minutes from the finish and had to jog it in.  Bummer.  Still had a total blast.  I love going fast on my mtn bike! Fast being a relative term...

Robbie Charging the course!  Photo courtesy of:  Mike Hon

Me getting miniature air and giving inappropriate gestures - pardon, not intentional...  Photo Courtesy of: Sam Elder

When work settles down a bit I'll post more images of what I've been up to.  Till then, keep it classy and enjoy this fall wherever you are.