MN Cyclocross Championship - Snowy Awesomeness.

Saturday night MN got its first snowstorm of the season and also perfect conditions for a good ole' fashioned Belgium style CX race on Sunday.  I can act all cheery about it because I was not racing this year.  Kudos to the ladies and gentlemen that did.  The entertainment value was high this wknd.  

This is what the course looked like.  Slippery, with punishment for coming outside the tracks.  Riding inside the track was brutal, outside was almost not possible.

Little Guy Racing rider and teammate, Alix, just finishing the killer run-up.

Unfortunately for Linda, I was there for the crash.  She still stomped in the women's field. 

Friend and fellow photographer, Seth Iverson - pretty sure he's a real viking. 

Its SNOT funny--someone give this guy a tissue.


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