Wall Street Journal: Face of Welfare


I spent an enlightening morning with a welfare mom a few weeks ago.  The Wall St. Journal sent me on assignment for a welfare story.  This is one of the hidden perks of being a journalist --to see the world through another lens.  I had a comparatively charmed upbringing where both parents worked together to love, provide and raise me.  Sadly this is not the norm for a lot of kids.  Single-mother, Latisha Cunningham is working very hard to get an education and a job.  Both will allow her to get off of welfare, and provide for her young daughter.  I know welfare has quite a nasty stigma attached, and I have misgivings myself.  However, let's not forget the ones who are trying and just need a little boost.  I'm wishing her all the best in her challenge.

The Article can be read here: "Putting a Face on Welfare Spat"