NyTimes - Organ Donation


A few weeks ago I shot what might be the most moving assignment of my life so far. I was assigned to accompany New York Times writer and 2x Pulitzer prize winner, Kevin Sack on a story about organ donation. I had no idea that during the week, I'd end up sitting with a family who's loved one had just died, or that even later in the week, I'd be in the operating room when this person's organs were claimed.

The whole topic of organ donation is we I wish more people could spend time thinking about. I decided to be a donor years ago and this assignment cemented my decision. If I am dead, why not pass my working parts to someone who is struggling with life. One cadaver might give life to half a dozen people?! It is an amazing gift to mankind and I hope you will all consider donating when the time comes that you don't need them anymore.