Patagonia in the Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran a story by Stephen Regenold a few Sundays ago on his travels to Patagonia and the places he's seen during his wilderness racing there.  I have accompanied Stephen on both of these trips, reporting from the field and shooting the amazing areas we travel through.  6 of some of my favorite images ran with the story.  Go read the article here: Chile's Great, Wild Place.

A favorite image from Patagonia in 2010 - a shepherd and his horse.

Ironically, I was not around to blog about my press because I was filming a trek in another wilderness area -- the Boundary Waters Canoe Area on the Minnesota/Canadian border.  It was wild land, with plenty of bear, wolf and moose signs (we only laid eyes on a single moose after dark one night).  I'll post a link to the film when it goes live later this next month.