Latest film is live - King's Peak climb.

Last month I climbed and filmed with the GearJunkie on a speed ascent of King's Peak --Utah's highest point.  The video is for a series of films we will do with the theme of "fast and light".  Of course, as a gear review site, it makes perfect sense for the GearJunkie to showcase the fancy, often expensive gear that makes such trips possible. 

King's Peak is not and impossibly tough climb, but carrying the gear and filming and trekking all at once made this one of my most challenging jobs.  I loved every minute of it though.

Stay tuned as the next film is being edited now and will be released by the end of the month (if all goes well).

Watch the climb:

Fast & Light on Kings Peak, Utah - Brought to you by Timberland™ from Gear Junkie on Vimeo.