My visit to Specialized bicycles

This last January I had the pleasure of attending a Specialized BG bicycle fit course at Specialized's Morgan Hill, CA headquarters.  I attended as a journalist for and a blog will be up soon to share my experiences. 

The Specialized Museum - full of tasty items for the bike weenie. 

A hidden bonus of the visit was a tour of the testing areas where helmets are smashed, frames are destroyed and the emloyees grin like lunatics.  Photography was not permitted in these areas - sorry.  

A pretty trick tandem TT bike with shaft drive -- prototype only.

A very exciting tour through the bicycle museum allowed me to see in person, the bicycles of some of my favorite pro peloton riders.  Ned Overend's bike was there, as was Fabian Cancellara's, Mario Cipollini's, Tom Boonen's (the bike that he won the '08 Paris Roubaix aboard) and Andy Schleck's.  It was pretty awesome for this bike dork.  I'm pretty sure I had an involuntary grin and my heart rate was racing.  Yep, I'm a dork.

Fabian Cancellara's 2009 Tour De France, S-Works Tarmac.

It was a great visit and great to ride the California hills on dry pavement in January.  I'm still waiting for those conditions here in MN.  I'll post a link to the article when it goes live.