Loving Home, Missing Chile.

After 8 airports and 68 hours of travel, I've made it from Southern Chile to Minneapolis once again.  Weather and the nightmare that is US Customs caused Stephen Regenold and I to miss a few plane rides and before we knew it, we'd been breathing airport air, losing track of what day it was and generally falling into a travel-induced depression because of the nearly 3 days of airtravel. 

But, with our chill, Patagonian attitudes, we weathered it pretty well.  Now that I'm home its a whirlwind of client emails and calls and endless photo editing, but at least I am in my own home, petting my dog, eating dinner with my family and helping the kids with homework.  Normal life is awesome sometimes.

In the days and weeks to come I will be posting more images of my Chilean travels.  Once again, I've left Chile and Patagonia with a sad heart.  The place is amazing and the people very special.  If I can't be home, I want to be there.  Thanks again for a great 2.5 weeks, Chile!