CrossVegas 2010 - cyclocross frenzy

Kona sponsored rider, Ryan Trebon.  Skinniest pedal crusher on the circuit.  

September in Vegas is an alright place to be.  The bike vendors of the world converge for the Interbike tradeshow and cyclocross racers from around the globe descend for CrossVegas.  Most CX races happen early in on a Saturday morning when half the population is rubbing the sleep from their eyes.  But CrossVegas takes place at night and is fueled by the party atmosphere that only Las Vegas can provide. 

Rapha, your kits are amazing.  I want one.

I LOVE seeing the heros of the sport duke it out.  Their speed for the 1 hour race is equal to my sprint.  The physical fitness level is ridiculous.  The race was killer!  With a Sierra Nevada in one hand and my Canon in the other, I ran from corner to corner, run-up to run-up like a giddy child.  I was in my element. 

Minneapolis's Fastest Lady, Mrs. Linda Sone! 

Kona's Ryan Trebon in hot pursuit of Cannondale's Jamie Driscoll

Here are some images from the most exciting race I attended in 2010.  BIG ups to Cannondale factory rider, Jamie Driscoll for running solo off the front for most of the men's race, only to lose right at the line to Frenchman, Francis Mourey.  You made the race one to remember, Driscoll. 

Cannondale's Jamie Driscoll: Ruler

Derrick St. John- biggest arms in the race!

I'm already excited about next year's race. You can have all the Vegas strip action you want, but give me CrossVegas.