29Nsngl - Rolling Mtn bike party

Early in the summer I met a group of guys that are known as the 29nSngl crew--the "29" meaning they ride 29" Mtn bikes and "Sngl" meaning they ride a single-speed, or one-geared mtn bike.  That is the kind of mtn bike I've been riding and racing for a several years, so I joined them for a few group rides.  Before I knew it I was sucked into the mayhem of the "Tuesday Night Ride", the weekly 2-wheeled slug-fest held on a local area trail. These guys know how to have fun and ride hard. 

One beautiful Tuesday night this summer they rented the "Pedal Pub" which is exactly what it sounds like.  It is also the only legal way to drink and operate a vehicle that I know of.  So, about a dozen or so of us piled onto the Pedal Pub, drank beers and pedaled around Minneapolis.  I was asked to come photograph the event for the club, so I rode alongside on my own bike as well as on the pub itself at times.  

It was a good time--as I hope these images will show.  To see more of the ridiculousness visit: 29nSngl's website.

Pedal Pub Site