Donkey Label: Dan Casper Film

I've known Dan for many years now. I met him at the Velodrome during my brief stint as a track cyclist. He was always a bit of a wildcard, using much different tactics and attacks than most racers dared to try. Dan does things a little differently.

My friends at Donkey Label do things differently too. Their brand, even their name, is built on hard work and humbleness -- the calling card of every donkey (the real, animal version). 

When the chance came to create a film for DL, I jumped at the chance. I'd seen Dan train and knew it was an intense, yet beautiful study in human athleticism. And how he uses that athleticism to be the best firefighter he can be is even more beautiful.

What we don't mention is that Dan is a multiple World Champion in track cycling, is pushing 50 yrs old and is one of the fastest local cyclists in Minneapolis. Being like a donkey, he'd never tell you any of that himself. If you see him around town, say hi. He's a good dude.

Challenges: Donkey Label is a small brand and frankly had a meager budget to work with. Wherever possible we cut corners to save $$. But we hope you can't tell. Many thanks to my hardworking crew for helping me putting some production polish on this piece.