Promo Video: Kinetic Trainers

Minnesota based, Adventure Advertising contacted me to help them introduce a new product to the market for Kinetic Cycling trainers.  For those who've trained indoors on a stationary cycle trainer, you know it is not the most fun method of getting strong. This latest tech from Kinetic aims to make the experience more fun and rewarding.

Indoor training season looms - so check this out if you're already dreading the basement pain sessions.

Challenges: We had 2 locations about 1 hr drive apart, so we had to split the shoot up. What should have been a 2-day shoot was conducted in 1.5 for budgetary reasons. It was very difficult and we barely pulled it off, but we got the footage we needed!

Client: Kinetic (Kurt Kinetic)
Agency: Adventure Advertising
Producer: Dave Schutz
Director/DP: T.C. Worley
Editor: Spotnik
AC: Travis Higgins
Audio: Nick Mihalevich
2nd AC: Sam Brueggeman
PA: Ami Lovestrand
Talent: Mike Watercott