Target: Danielle Evans - Marmalade Bleue


Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with Danielle Evans of "Marmalade Bleue". Danielle is a Columbus, Ohio-based designer and letterer, and one who has a special niche' of working with food. Target brought her to Minneapolis to create several pieces of work to promote grocery sales in their Canadian stores. I was hired to film her processes for this short documentary-style piece: Danielle Evans and Food For Thought


3 Things I was most impressed about while filming Danielle: 1) She uses her hands almost exclusively - no tool kits, measuring devices, etc. 2) She does not sketch the piece first, she just pours out some food and jumps into creating it 3) She is as humble and nice as she is talented. I wish all my subjects were as great as Danielle!


Art Direction: John Nemec and Allan Peters Director of Photography: T.C. Worley Editor: Gina Reis