Peacock Groove is at it again

I got a call earlier this week from someone who had seen the latest Peacoc Groove Custom Cycle.  It went like this: "DUDE! You have GOT to get over to Erik's and shoot this Voltron bike if you have time.  It's the hottest bike I've ever seen him build."

I made time.  I wish it had been a complete bike, because it would have photographed a little easier, but even so, this is a really great looking frame.  Curved and aero tubes all at once? -- What?!  I hae to confess that though I think the theme is really cool, it does not carry deep meaning for me.  I never really watched Voltron.  But this bike is for sure hot and some lucky guy is going to really love this thing when it is built up. 

I heard it was a little late getting to him and he is feeling bothered.  I'm willing to wager that all melts away when he peels open the box and pulls this frame/rim combo out. 

Well done, (again) Erik.  Can't wait to see the next bike in the Voltron series.