Mustaches For Kids Wrap-Up

How did we get anyone to donate with faces llke this?!

December 23rd marked the last day of our Mustaches For Kids Charity drive and my group decided to go out in style and throw a "Mustach Bash". 

Ninjas with mustaches?

It was held in the "Manctuary" -- a ridiculously awesome garage space owned by a gent named Josh.  In addition to bikes, motorcycles and tools everywhere, there was a collection of deer skulls/antlers from deer that had locked horns and died during the rut--amazing!  There was a pool table, projector screen with Wii RockBand playing, and a throwing-star competition. 

Matt swings a mean hammer.

And I'm not sure what it is called, but some guys were having a nail-driving contest with a large log and a framing hammer.  If you could not find something you loved about this location, your manliness was in question.  

This guy was an actual carpenter and had real skills--but no mustache?

I'd like to thank all of you that donated to the cause.  Last I heard we had raised over $3600. for Urban Boat Builders to continue their service to the at-risk youth of Minneapolis and S. Paul!  Not bad for a bunch of goofy-looking dudes with half-grown mustaches.