Minnecycle 2010

My wife and I attended the Minnecycle Custom bicycle show this weekend in Minneapolis.  It's a collection of custom builders who hang/display their bikes and frames gallery-style for we bike dorks to come and ogle.  It was a good time of seeing friends and meeting builders.  Have a look at some of the bikes--all were items of desire. 

Left: Cyclocross by Capricorn                  Right: Crazy, split dropout by Speedhound

Both:  Capricorn rigid 29'er-- drool...

Left:Track bike by Dominguez--Favorite.   Right: Mtn. Tandem by Bob Brown--TOUGH!

Left: Mr. Chris Kvale                               Right:  Another Dominguez

Left: Peakcock Groove 29'er                    Right: Wyganowski- pursuit bike (?)