Lip Wig- day 6

Here's the framework of what will soon be a handsome 'stach.  Looking a bit thin, I know.  Here's a funny story about that:

Saturday night, after shaving clean on Thursday, I decided I better shave it down to the mustache for church the next day.  So, in my dreary state, I lathered up and began the shave.  Next thing I know, I've gotten to zealous and nipped the corner of my mustache off.  Dangit!  I had to try and even the whole thing out a little, which really set me back.  So, yes, its a bit thin.  But now I'm back in the game and growing for all I'm worth.  Stay tuned for another exciting check-in soon. 

*And since this whole thing is for charity, I will mention again that if you are interested in coming alongside me and contributing to the Urban Boat Builder's non-profit, please send a note and I'll let you know the options.