Employee Perks - Wall Street Journal

Last week the Wall Street Journal assigned me to shoot at a manufacturing plant in Plymouth, MN.  The company, Turck Inc. is trying to throw it's "low wage" employees a bone.  They are experimenting with work-from-home options, as well as, small increment "paid time off" allowances. 

A number of companies are starting to look for ways to keep employees happy and turnover numbers low.  GO read Rachel Emma Silverman's article if you'd like to know more:

"For Hourly Jobs, White-Collar Perks"


And here is an image that I never realized was published: From the WSJ's Photo of the Day page:

This shopper was waiting in the 11 degree cold around 1:00am on Black Friday last year.  I've never wanted to save money so badly that I'd sit in the cold outside a Target store.  Sorry, family members - it's just not worth it for this guy.