Bryce's Story "The Thing I Wish for the Most"

Bryce_room Fairly often I get asked to do "free" work. We call it "Spec" in the business. Sometimes it's another industry member wanting to combine skills and make something purely for fun, and other times it's someone wanting for free what they cannot afford. So, obviously, my reactions will vary.


A local company (MicroGigantic) called one day asking me to make a free film for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. My first thought was - wow, both of these companies have way more money than me--why am I being asked to work for free?! But I decided to at least hear them out. After a short conversation, I was hooked so hard that I was instantly excited and ready to start shooting. Turns out I have a soft spot for little boys in need, and the MDA had a real charmer for me to film.

Link: Bryce's Story

Watch the film and you'll know why I HAD to shoot this piece. Little did I know that a phone call asking me to give a small chunk of my time would end up blessing me so richly with the chance to spend an entire day with an amazing little boy.