Andy Thieman: the ride of his life

Yesterday I had the honor of hanging out with Andy Thieman and shootings some portraits of him on his bicycle.  That ole' "two-wheeled-freedom-machine" is pretty near and dear to Andy.  He's using his bicycle to battle testicular cancer and the affects that his chemo will soon begin to have on his body.  

Andy spun on his trainer till he was a sweaty, drippy mess.  Then I told him to take it up to 80% effort and hold it for me.  I needed to see pain on his face--it worked.  Poor guy held it there for about 4 minutes while I fiddled with lighting and settings. 

Andy is strong in both body and mind.  He bluntly declared, "I'm not going to die from this--no way".  I love that fighter attitude and cannot wait to see the day he pumps his fist in victory.  Keep an eye on my Twitter feed for updates from Andy and you can follow his blog here:  BloodSweatChemo

There will also be an interview coming shortly on GearJunkie.  




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