A family of businesses in MPLS

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A young, very driven (yet somehow incredibly relaxed in person) man name Josh Klauck founded and owns some of Minneapolis coolest establishments. His first business - a bespoke bicycle and coffee shop was an instant hit. Angry Catfish is as well curated a shop as you can find - unless that is, you compare it to Josh's other business right around the corner - Mend Provisions Fly Fishing Shop. Both carry high quality, timelessly styled goods and somehow manage serve both the "core" shopper and novice alike.

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Then we have Northern Frameworks, a custom, handmade bicycle brand that quietly kicks out some of the tidiest steel-framed bikes our city has produced. To own one is a rare treat for sure.

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Lastly, the newest addition to this family of businesses is Northern Coffeeworks. Of course, they sell incredible coffee that will please even the snooty types (like myself) but the surprise is that there's a chef on staff making sure that the food is at least as high quality as the beverages. Seriously, do yourself a favor and grab breakfast at Northern some morning soon! "Outstanding" is the term I'd use for everything I've eaten there so far.

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Josh reached out to me with a concept for a video that would somehow tie his businesses together, and show the culture that they share.  We started the day early down by the Mississippi River with a group of friends, all on bikes, gathered to make and consume coffee out in nature. "Adventure Coffee" as we call it is a pretty common occurrence in this circle of friends.

Then we followed the staff of each of the shops to their place of work and filmed them in action. When that filming was complete, we all gathered at Josh's house to hoist a few beers, grill some food and share laughs and conversation by the fire.

Josh has a great group of friends that in many cases also happen to be employees. He's a great example of doing what you love and turning your passions into your life's work. I wish all companies could run on this ethic. My hat's off to he and his family of businesses and the people that keep them running. Go check one or more of them out and I'm sure you'll understand what I'm rapping about here.