"Cinematic Pins" for Target & Pinterest

A "Cinematic Pin" or "CinePin" for short is actually a series of photographs at high framerate that we make into a little movie. It sounds easier than it is...

This fall, Josh Lane, a film Director at Target reached out to me with a new and uncharted project. Pintrest had added a "video" option to their page, but it came with some tricky restrictions. We spent one afternoon testing our equipment options out to see which configuration of camera/lenses/settings would net the best outcome for this challenge.

Then we spent two days in the studio creating what you see here. It was challenging at times, but as such was a total blast, because our ideas worked! Check them out: 

Client: Target

Director: Josh Lane

Producer: Alex Calingaert

DP: T.C. Worley

Gaffer: Jeff Fisher

Grip: Sev Perman , Gerhard Riauchtschnig

Art Director: Tony Vu

Prop Assist: Melissa Loop, Logan Ley

Wardrope: Amy Shelter

Manicurist: Heidi Semrau

PA: Amy Lovestrand, Jesse VanDenElzen

Talent: Shayla Weatherby, Blanca Schellsmidt, Lalita Zapata